Saturday, June 11, 2011


Computer chips on right are equipped with data-gathering abilities built within each chip ( which are really green). These will gather critical information to help with TVN's research into tornadoes.

The chips go inside of the specially designed foam "bottle" shape (which is really a dark pinkish color).

From there, each probe will be out-fitted with a small parachute, placed inside of the canon system, and then shot upwards from inside of the Dominator-2 into a specific area of a tornado forming system.

GPS and radio will help the team find the probes and gather the much desired data.

Photo shot in Tupelo, MS May 16, 2011 at The Renasant Center for Ideas:

Many thanks to Darryl Winstead
for taking time from his extremely busy day, for his explanations, courtesy, and understanding of my great love of, and interest in, weather and the Dominator's techie gadgetry!

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