Saturday, June 11, 2011


Computer chips on right are equipped with data-gathering abilities built within each chip ( which are really green). These will gather critical information to help with TVN's research into tornadoes.

The chips go inside of the specially designed foam "bottle" shape (which is really a dark pinkish color).

From there, each probe will be out-fitted with a small parachute, placed inside of the canon system, and then shot upwards from inside of the Dominator-2 into a specific area of a tornado forming system.

GPS and radio will help the team find the probes and gather the much desired data.

Photo shot in Tupelo, MS May 16, 2011 at The Renasant Center for Ideas:

Many thanks to Darryl Winstead
for taking time from his extremely busy day, for his explanations, courtesy, and understanding of my great love of, and interest in, weather and the Dominator's techie gadgetry!

Friday, June 10, 2011


My personal experiences in getting to acturally see and then ride in The Dominator influenced me to take the vehicle to a dreamy state... a sort of Magical Mystery Chase within my mind.

Dreaming the Chase I

Dreaming the Chase II

Sum of Parts

Balls of Titanium (to Reed from the infamous Tim Samaras)

Canon System in Dream Mode

Canon system is mounted outside - white tubes are located on back passenger side.

Tim Samaras



Canon in The Dominator

Excitement, pressure, emotions, expectations...all caught up in firing the probe from the canon.

(White tube is the canon inside of Dominator 2)

Door Frame Section I

Door Frame Section II

The Electricity of the Mind Flows Most Beautifully (Inside the D-2)

Simple Importance

STORM CHASERS, Reed Timmer and Crew ( ) and their amazing new in-progress chase vehicle, D-2, came here to my town of Tupelo to be outfitted with high-tech gadgetry and gizmos.

My third visit to the Renasant Center for Ideas and Hyperion was to see what was going on with this enormous dream of a chase vehicle.

I think I stopped breathing when I walked up to it...stood there in awe...walked slowly with great excitement around it and said, " OH ... My...God..."

The shear mass of the D-2 is mind boggling! And I certainly cannot imagine seeing it coming down the road! It is truly a jaw-dropping, breath-taking work of imagination and innovative technology on wheels - and huge ones at that!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Reflections of Memories I

Reflections of Memories II



Abstracting the landscape can provide totally new views of what can be within a landscape that would normally not be seen. Most people in general do not take the time to look for the little things of life that are around us all. These little mysteries are often very illusive and short-lived. Capturing this magic with the iPhone camera and it's various apps is, for me, a way into the world around me.

Bottle Among the Rocks

White Bird on White Light