Thursday, October 15, 2009


A sweetheart of a cat - Tabby is a gentle spirit with a penchant for
napping on his favorite old piece of quilt and a small baby blanket.
He has a tiny high-pitched mew which he uses as I present him with a
dish of his fav food, Fish & Shrimp. Other than that, he's a silent
kitty who makes the house more "home" with his presence, especially
when he sleeps in his chair all night.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


When I'm out and about, I am liable to stop in the middle of the road or, at least, suddenly pull over to the side in order to shoot an image that speaks to me. The iPhone is the ususal camera of choice these days as it's always with me and it's such an immediate medium.

The Hydrangea was sitting in a small turquoise candle votive on my kitchen counter when I discovered the late afternoon sun igniting it and the yellow of the countertop. The Morning Glories were intwined in a tree beside a narrow one-way street and they lit the gray rainy day with that shocking blue, so who could pass that by. The mirror image is actually a portion of a mirrored horse's head - a sculpture which stands in front of a Germantown, TN garden center on Poplar. There are several horses in that area, but the mirrored one is amazing.

Last Days of the Hydrangea

Little Glories in Rain




Ninety Degrees

Angularity I


Triangular Blues


Wood, Moss, Twigs and Steel


An October 5th. trip to Tupelo netted eye-candy and jaw-dropping experiences –

The photo shoot visit to the "ancient" ice plant, with my son and daughter, was quite an adventure! Walking in and around the ice plant was a trip into the falling-down-world of an incredible past technology.

Looking Into

Obstinate Continuance in a Course

Inside the Past

The Block Room

Floor-Ice Block Molds

Block Hooks

Patent Pending

Turn This

Wheels and Cogs

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