Tuesday, February 28, 2012


There is nothing like standing within a few feet of a rail track, iPhone camera in hand, and listening to the warning sounds of an oncoming train... a fast moving train which is building up a joy within you as if you were once again a child.

The oncoming engines with their cover-your-ears explosion of warning is hard to beat for pure excitement, but it also makes it hard to shoot the engines as much as you want to.

The heaviness against the rails, the feeling of the wind, the smells of the huge beast moving through the air, the music and rhythm of the tons of metal on those narrow rails is pure adrenalin rush. Watching for the different types of cars and the ones with graffiti art on them is the big additional high.

Simply put, since I was a child running outside to watch the trains go past, I have loved them. Back then, no graffiti, just the big wait for the red caboose and a wave good-bye shared, and the scent of creosote.

1. Santa Fe Midnight
2. Side-Tracked Freight
3. Between the Rails
4. Under Carriage
5. Graffiti I
6. Graffiti II

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