Sunday, January 16, 2011


The Magic of Snow in Mississippi cannot be understood if you've never lived in the South and prayed for snow. The weather system was perfect for once, and by the morning of January 10th., we had a glorious 8" of the beautiful white stuff...wet and perfect for making a Snowcat and shooting images around my yard.

The Beginning Moments- Sunday night.

Very early Monday morning my two cats Tabby and Snickers wanted to go out as usual. Little did they know what was waiting on the other side of the door. It was hilarious. The surprise, the wondering, the "what to do...", the indecision, the going down and the coming back up and then the half-way attempts at going down again, and finally back inside...until they attempted going out four more times. Unsuccessfully... until daylight. Even then, it was if-y.

You Go First...

Not Sure About This...

I'll Just Watch..."

Early Morning Snowfall



Wasn't Expecting This

Lavendar Chair

Missing Florida, Perhaps

Heart in Hedge Stem

Nooks and Crannies - Spanish Moss and Leaves

Ocean Springs Spanish Moss - Far from Home

Oak Leaf's Landing Place

Snowcat - What a Day!

Tabby: I ain't going out there again.

Snickers: zzzzzzz....

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