Thursday, March 11, 2010

TREES :: A favored subject

The season of bare-branched trees, my favorite season, is fast coming
to an end.

As beautiful as foliage covered trees are, it's always sad to see the
naked beauty of a decidious tree's inner spirit and form go away.
(Shot with LOMO)

Evergreens are also among my favored subjects to look at and
shoot .... maybe it goes back to childhood Christmases with real
Christmas trees and that magical scent that filled the house. The one
evergreen in this blog section has an interesting form. Plus, it leans
in an artistic way that seems to speak of individuality, which I
appreciate (the others around it stood straight.)

As for the evergreens, Cedars, Junipers, Leyland Cypress, Balsam Firs
and Slash Pines of the MS Gulf Coast are my loves.

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