Sunday, January 24, 2010

IVY HOUSE - Land of Magic 1992-1994

The little drive up to the house was thickly lined with old Cedar trees, my favorite. The house was old, but had been painted and the hardwood floors were awesome. It had a great front porch with a swing that I lived a lot of my time in. The yard was "old" with a Lilac bush, big trees, bulbs that would bloom in spring, and plenty of privacy.

It was "The Best Little Place in the World" -until the Ice Storm (Feb. 13, 1994) hit like a bomb! But even worse, shortly after the storm, came "man" and his greed - the land was already hurting but then the rape began. I came home one day to a bulldozer removing every tree and hedge clean down to the red earth. The fragrant little plum tree even met its demise, and for no real reason... it wasn't in the way of what "they" were going to do. One day a house appeared, moved in and deposited like a piece of visual garbage, another insult to what the property had originally been!

Magic gone. Trees gone. Life gone. Privacy gone. More sadness than I care to think of.

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